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Funeral and Memorial Service Programs

Earth Ashes Dust was established to help fulfill the need for quality funeral and memorial service documents in our community. We serve metropolitan Los Angeles, and create and print quality, custom funeral service and memorial service programs, obituaries and thank you cards. We also create mementos, such as prayer cards and bookmarks, and photograph and/or videorecord services and repasts, create slide show videos to present at memorial and funeral services, and design memorial t-shirts.

There are so many details that our loved ones must attend to while making the final arrangements for the deceased, so we strive to make creating and printing bereavement documents as easy, personal, and dignified as possible. We will help with what will be one of the most important, final tributes to the deceased, which may also serve as a historical record of who your loved one was, the service(s) they had, their relatives (for future ancestry search records), and the contributions they made to their community and country.

When making arrangements, you don’t want to leave important tasks, such as producing stunning bereavement documents, in the hands of amateurs. We have over 25 years of word processing and desktop publishing experience. We will draft and redraft your homegoing documents until you are satisfied with the final product. We pride ourselves in attention to details and personal service. We want our customers to be satisfied with the end products, and, in turn, proud of the products we produce for them, as they celebrate the life of their loved one!

If these types of services interest you, please contact us TODAY at (323) 766-0365 days of the year!


Pre-Planned Services

We also prepare service programs to assist with the pre-planning of funeral and memorial services, so that’s one detail that your loved ones do not have to worry about after you've transitioned. If this type of service interests you, please contact us TODAY at (323) 766-0365 days of the year!


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